Name: Tacito Narion
Title/Rank: Soldier
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: aprox 30
Birthplace: Corellia

The Shadow Court, Knights of the Void, Sith Empire


Of average height. While not overly muscular, he still seems to train regularly. Surprisingly, his hair has already turned grey, even though his appearance would suggest an age much lower than that of most grey-haired men. Scattered over his face are several metal implants, some seem to support bones, others probably function as holo links. A scar across one eye is the other noticeable feature of this cybernetically enhanced human.

Refreshingly different from the rest of his comrades within the ranks of the Knights of the Void, Tactio is an academic. Drafted into the Imperial Reclaimation Service, he has served the Empire well on various fronts and is now a member of the Shadow Court under the command of Gereorth.


Thoughtful but cheery. He likes to meet new people, although he listens more than he talks at first. Years as a scientist for the Imperial Reclamation Service have tought him that it's better to know and admit the borders of ones knowledge than getting someone killed because you claimed to know something. Not afraid to speak up when he feels he has something to contribute, not afraid to admit when he doesn't.


He grew up on Corellia, together with his parents and his sister. Both his mother and father were scientists, he in the medical department, she a specialist on the field of hyperdrives and astrogation.
This of course influenced him as well as his sister to pursue a science career too. At age 20 he joined a planetary education center focusing on archaeology and xenology. Later, he broadened his studies into the fields of quantum field technology, plasma dynamics and cybernetics, allowing him to understand and study even the most obscure of ancient artifacts.

At about the same time his sister was found to be force sensitive and taken into the Jedi Order, he started working on numerous excavation sites throughout Corellia, preparing for an archaeologic mission taking him off planet.

Unfortunately, the mission was a failure, leaving the ship and its crew stranded close to imperial space. Inevitable, the ship was picked up and everyone aboard captured. The imperial officer responsible for the handling of the prisoners recognized Tacito's potential and assigned him to IRS, where he served until recently on Hoth, Tatooine, Ilum and Belsavis.
At every assignment, he impressed through his profound knowledge and thorough analysis more than his combat skills. While not entirely helpless, he does feel a lot more comfortable in a lab than a trench.
During one classified mission for the IRS he was badly injured, leaving him scarred and almost dead. It was at this point, that several cybernetical replacements for destroyed body parts were implanted to his body.

After an explorative mission with a few members of the Shadow Court, he was given a reassignment from IRS to the court by his superiors, presumably on request of one the Court's members.