Sith Name: Lord Rahvin
Actual Name: Devlin Ma'Esh
Title/Rank: High Lord
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 30
Birthplace: Dromund Kaas
Affiliation: The Shadow Court, Sith Empire


One of the more respected High Lords of the Shadow Court, Lord Rahvin is perhaps just as hateful towards the Empire as to the Republic and the Jedi. Aside from his duties in the Shadow Court, he is also on a personal journey for revenge on those that wronged him in his past, and tarnished his family name.


Rahvin can sometimes pass as a very kind, polite, gallant and simply good person. However, the truth is that he is cold, calculating, and cruel. Gifted with a silver-tongue, Rahvin can charm and manipulate those around him, never betraying the devious nature and spitefulness hiding behind his boyish face and winning smile. Despite his willingness to use, destroy, and discard others, Rahvin does have a sense of honor and dedication rarely found in followers of the Sith.


Born to an up-and-coming Sith Master and one of the Empire's most ruthless Agents, Rahvin was selected to be a Sith Infiltrator at birth. After the war began his mother took him and infiltrated the Corellian government. After establishing herself in the local government she set Rahvin up to be a Jedi infiltrator, ensuring that his budding powers would be discovered by the Jedi. A fast learner and an adept user of the Force, "Dalin" became a Jedi Knight in just 11 years. Secretly, through his mother and the Sith, he grew stronger and stronger and more and more lost to the Dark Side.

At the age of 15 Devlin was ready to assume his place in the Sith. Becoming a true agent of the Sith Empire, he fed information about the Jedi and the Corellian military efforts. Stationed on Corellia, "Davin" became an integral part of the war effort within the Corellian Jedi enclave as well as the Corellian military. Helping to train young Jedi before they were taken as Padawan, he was thought to be talented and kind, but ill-suited for combat. He was a valuable Sith agent for a decade before shedding his former life and killing many Jedi trainees at the Jedi enclave on Corellia, Lord Rahvin was born.

Rahvin expected to return to the fold as a victorious hero, following in the steps of his father and assuming a lofty spot in his already powerful family's dynasty. To his surprise he found his family in tatters. His father had survived the battle at Bothawui, only to be blamed for many of the losses there. Executed by the Emperor, his family's power, prestige, and wealth were wiped out mercilessly as a lesson to others.

Instead of a triumphant return, Rahvin found himself an outcast, at the bottom of the totem pole in an Empire that held nothing but scorn and disdain for him and his family. Although still a member of the Sith Empire, he will not rest until he has destroyed those that betrayed his family.